Paravizionz Paranormal Equipment

5-HP Laptops

1-Sony Night Shot Hi8 camcorders

1-DVR System w/500gb drive, 32" monitor, 4-520tvl cameras

1-wireless thermometer set with 4 thermometers and data logger

IR Illuminators for camcorders

2-Sony DCR SR40 HDD camcorders

5-Sony and 3-Olympus digital voice recorders - various

4-K2 meters

1-EPOD amp

4-RF Detectors for use with K2 meters

9-EMF (non Mel or K2) detectors - various

2-Mel 8704 EMF/K2/thermometer all in one w/green and red LCD

1-Nikon 50D digital SLR camera

1-35mm Minolta SLR camera

3-Full spectrum digital cameras

4-Digital cameras

4-EM pump 300-500mg

1-Mel sb7 Ghost box

6-two-way radios


1-Positive ION Generator

3-Static IR/Proximity sensor boards"home made"

1-Parabolic with recording capabilities

1- Tri-field Meter Model 100XE

1- Mel REM POD

1- Ovilus X Video Goggles

1- Pyramid Proximity Digital Sensor

1- Temperature Data Logger

1- GS1 Laser Grid

1- ES Transmitter

1- Telephone pickup (measures EMF through sound

1- Night Vision Goggles

1- Static (Trigger Object)

1- Alesis Digital Voice Recorder

1- Laser Motion Detector

1- Ovilius 4

1- Boo Buddy Trigger Object Teddy Bear

1- Ovilius X with DTD