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We are a professional paranormal investigation and research team consisting of 4 individuals from varied backgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with potential explanations and possible solutions to ease any discomfort they may have at their home or business. By utilizing the wide spectrum of specialized equipment and technology in our arsenal, all data collected during an investigation is thoroughly reviewed and anything of note is presented to the client. Together the team possesses over 20 years of investigating experience and is always discreet, confidential, and never charges for our services. While ParaVizionz has been in existence since 2002, the chemistry of the current team continues to evolve over time. In March of 2012 the ParaVizionz Paranormal team split and the remaining members moved in a more positive manner. For us, it's not about how many EVP's or videos and photos we collect, it's about the quality of the EVP's or videos and photos. We would rather have 1 good EVP than 1000 questionable ones and our clients agree. Most people realize that the paranormal field doesn't cater to our whims and if the spirits don't want to communicate, they won't. Simple as that! Thank you for taking the time to check out our website, we hope you like what you see.

Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey

ParaVizionz / Redemption @ The Ridges

First event for 2014

Bell Nursing Home: 8/9/14

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Clicking on the Haunted Stories Banner will take you to our investigation of the TV Middletown studio.

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Guests on Looking into the Unknown 2014

Jan. 3rd - Danny "Bigbeard" Canceled due to weather

Jan. 9th - Nick Lantz & John Kachuba

Jan. 16th - Tim Yancey

Jan. 23rd - Rie Sadler & Bigg Jim Jones

Jan. 30th - Kat Lang

Feb. 6th - Alyne Pustanio

Feb. 13th - Jason Gowin

Feb. 20th - Family Haunts

Feb. 27th - Paranormal Topic Discussion

Mar. 6th - Phil Summers

Mar. 27th - Bill & Anita

April 3rd - Pete Stagman

April 10th - Jen Devillier

April 17th - Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of NJ

April 24th - Neal Parks

May 1st - Carrie Kenady the Pet Psychic

May 8th - Natalie w/Bell Nursing Home

ParaVizionz Paranormal News 04/13/2014

We will be doing the reveal for the Dayton case this Friday. We just got another residential and will be helping in May.

We had a really great residential case Saturday. Looking forward for more. Also, we will be going to investigate the Bell Nursing Home in August.

There has been some NEW equipment added in the Technical page. Check it out!

We have been chosen to work with New Dominion Productions for an upcoming project.

The Cincinnati reveal went as planned. We love to educate our clients and give the help they need.

Well 2014 is upon us. That means we are gearing for a fantastic year. We have changed our ways in the way we investigate. We are trying NEW techniques & experiments. We look forward to what 2014 has to offer.

We would like to Thank Jo Ann Brown from the Dayton Victoria Theatre. She allowed the Paravizionz team to assist her by teaching a Paranormal 101 class to winners of the Victoria Theatre's annual online auction. Everyone had an awesome time and left with a better understanding of what it takes to be a paranormal investigator.

We intend on re-visiting some great places we have been to in the past.

We started the project and we had a blast. Thanks to Deb Lantz, Rick Hayes, Chris Maggard, Patrick Sheilds, Nick Lantz & Derrick for all the help.

We want to thank each and everyone of you checking out our website, facebook and radio show. We are dedicated to helping and bringing entertainment to the community.

ParaVizionz Paranormal team members started noticing personal changes that allowed us to become more "in tune" with the other side. By working in the field for so long studying paranormal phenomenon and logging hundreds of hours in the field reviewing audio and video, we believe we have become clairaudient and clairvoyant as part of the natural evolution from our work. Our unique abilities allow us to directly communicate with the other side and we now firmly believe they are everywhere, all the time. They watch us and try to communicate but the majority of the population does not hear them. We do...and we record them. We cannot post a lot of what we capture at residences and businesses because the nature of our communication is very personal and private. We must hold the clients wishes at highest regard. Keep Looking into the Unknown!

Paravizionz Paranormal Investigations 2014

Jan. 3rd - 20th Dayton Victoria Theatre

Jan. 18th - Preliminary at a residential

Jan. 25th - Residential Investigation

Feb. 22nd - Residential Investigation

March 8th - Residential Investigation

April 5th - Residential Investigation

May - Residential Investigation

June - Several locations in Canton, Ohio

August 9th - Bell Nursing Home

TBD - Gill House

TBD - Building in Downtown Middletown

TBD - Pitrellis Mason, Ohio

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