Cincinnati Residence


Cincinnati, Ohio

Lunar Cycle:
Full Moon, Solar X-Rays:Normal, Geomagnetic Fields:Quiet, Temp.:72 degrees, Conditions:Clear No Precipitation, Humidity:65 percent

Mother, son and daughter have all seen a tall man shadow moving about the house especially across the back patio. He is late 1800's in appearance. They have also seen a little girl in a blue dress in the foyer and upstairs hall also in 1800's garb. Mom has experienced physical contact of the sexual type yet non-threatening.


5-EMF detectors, 3-K2 meters, 3-RF detectors, 2-digital thermometer, 1-Canon minidv camcorder, 5-Sony night shot camcorders, 1-Sony DVD camcorder, 3-digital cameras, 3-digital voice recorders, 1-200,000 volt VanDeGraaf Generator

Personal Experiences:
Just after setting up the static camcorders Lee walked down the foyer stairs to join Dave, Nick, Jill and Jamie at the bottom. As he walked down the chandelier started to swing about four foot to the left and right. Dave and Lee had positive K2 sessions in the basement. Jon and Nick had positive K2 sessions in the little girls room on the 2nd floor.


This was an emergency case that needed attention immediately. This had the ingredients to be a very powerful poltergeist. The home owner was getting a divorce. Her 11yr old daughter was scared and spent many nights with friends. The 18 year old son tried to defend the home and mom but was ready to leave. The house was a total disaster. There was soo much negativity and disorder in the house we were surprised that we didnt get more physical activity. At the end of the investigation we did a cleansing to the home and property. The homeowner stated that we could come back as often as possible however she disappeared as well as the kids. All we could do is inform the new owners of the situation and gave them our contact info.