Waverly Hills Sanitorium

11-23-08 and 7-11-10

4400 Paralee Lane. Louisville, KY 40272

Lunar Cycle:
Full Moon, Solar X-Rays:Normal, Geomagnetic Fields:Quiet, Temp.:38 degrees, Conditions:Precipitation, Humidity:100 percent

Room 502
- is the subject of a local myth about a suicide which is said to have occurred in the room; a nurse who is said to have been pushed or jumped out the window. According to the owners of Waverly Hills, the death of another nurse, Mary Hillenburg, occurred on the fifth floor of the Sanitorium. She was pregnant with the illegitimate child of a doctor at the sanitorium. It is unknown whether she committed suicide or was assisted in her death, but it is known that it was the product of an "abortion gone wrong." She was found hanging from the pipes of the top floor of the hospital, and the aborted fetus was later found in the well system. On the tour of this floor, pregnant woman are known to become nauseous or become victims of severe headaches. Any contemporary investigations of the myth have been unable to locate any documented evidence of the deaths, this includes efforts by Sci-Fi Channel production Ghost Hunters[18] as well as several local researchers. Records from 1911 onwards indicated that only two individuals by the name of Hillenburg died in the region, but that both deaths occurred after Waverly Hills had closed.

Death rate - The estimated death toll at Waverly Hills is about 63,000. Evidence has suggested that the worst single year total of deaths at Waverly was 152, which would make the overall death count considerably less than the legend. (7,752 being the highest possible total for the 51 years of operation) This information was found in the autobiography of Assistant Medical Director Dr. J. Frank W. Stewart, who states that the worst time for deaths was at the end of the Second World War when troops were returning from overseas with very advanced tuberculosis cases.[19] This information was then double checked against death certificates for the time frame in question and it was found that 162 people died at Waverly in 1945, which would make the highest possible total 8,212. The 152 quote seems to be a simple typographical error. This and other factual and documented information can be found at an online database where information is being compiled for genealogists.[14]This site is also affiliated with the Waverly Hills memorial site. [15]

Other Hauntings - There have been several hauntings in different forms to be confirmed by multiple visitors to the grounds. While Room 502 and the Death Tunnel are nearly synonymous with Waverly Hills, those familiar with the hospitals paranormal history have either heard or seen the child known simply as "Timmy". While no real history into the child's human life is known, there have been scattered claims that the young ghost enjoys playing interactive games, such as hide and seek. There have been reports of sudden temperature plummets in an area or room as well as people feeling "cold spots" in various areas or even the sensation of a physical contact as that of a person's hand. There are even reports of an elderly woman, wrists chained and bleeding (most likely from the geriatric hospital days) running out of the front door pleading for help. Still others outside the hospital have made claims of rooms lighting up briefly despite there being no electricity since the hospital closed.

- Other forms of paranormal activity reported to be found in the hospital include: "Shadow People" (Apparitions shaped as a human but with no physical detail); Orbs (Balls of light that inexplicably appear on film but not to the naked eye), and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) Recordings, which are essentially voice "footprints" left behind by a spirit without any physical form necessarily connected to it that are usually heard best through a special high-power audio recorder that then plays back what one might not have heard on their own.

According to the many ghost hunters and guests that descend upon Waverly Hills, the most common paranormal activity is the phenomenon of shadow people, "moving shadows" that seemingly have substance and are able to "walk" across doorways. They are also supposedly able to block some light when a laser is pointed at them. - Areas of alleged activity include the fifth floor and roof patios, where young children often played atop a rooftop playground.

- Many visitors claim to have seen glowing orbs and plasma in their photographs. (This is probably due to the large amounts of dust in the 100-year-old building. It is extremely difficult to get a single photo without 'floating orbs' present on the lens) Others claim that entire rooms at Waverly Hills light up at night for no apparent reason. Other sightings include various "brown imps" on the grounds. (The brown 'imps' are more commonly known as groundhogs)

- Electronic voice phenomenon recordings have been made on the property by various ghost hunters; many claim that their EVP provides factual proof that ghosts do inhabit the old sanatorium. Recorded phrases have included "Get out" and "What kind of hospital is this?" The makers of the movie Death Tunnel and the documentary Spooked both claim that they recorded many such voices and sounds while filming. Many doubt the credibility of both production crews, however.

- On the morning of Halloween 2006, local radio station WXMA 102.3 aired an annual live broadcast from the Waverly site. That year, a listener from Environmental Health Management, a local company, brought in thermal imaging equipment in hopes of capturing anything out of the normal on film. At approximately 8AM EST, two small, child-like figures are caught on film rising from a hallway floor and then disappearing into a wall.[


2-standard EMF detector, 5-K2 meters, 3-Mel 8704 EMF detectors, 5-RF detectors, 10-Sony night shot camcorders, 10-digital cameras, 8-35mm disposable cameras, 8-digital voice recorders including 2-Zoom H2 recorders, 250,000 volt VanDeGraf Generator, 2-IR Proximity boards

Personal Experiences:
lots of noises, voices, moving ball, mist, lots of touchy/feely spirit energy.


A place where ghosts are reported is described as haunted, and often seen as being inhabited by spirits of deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property. Supernatural activity inside homes is said to be mainly associated with violent or tragic events in the building's past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide sometimes in the recent or ancient past. But not all hauntings are at a place of a violent death, or even on violent grounds. Many cultures and religions believe the essence of a being, such as the 'soul', continues to exist. Some philosophical and religious views argue that the 'spirits' of those who have died have not 'passed over' and are trapped inside the property where their memories and energy are strong.

Lots of simultaneous activity and overwhelming sensations of being drained and or becoming lethargic