Welcome to Paravizionz Paranormal Services
The ParaVizionz Paranormal team services is for documenting claims of paranormal activity and helping families or business owners in need. Our intentions are to help the client understand what may be causing these events utilizing the latest technology and logical deduction. TRUE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is actually VERY RARE. We do not invoke or create malevolence or disturbances, by provoking and screaming. Those things only cause greater problems.
We are available for lectures, charitable events, school projects etc. Contact us for further assistance.
We are 100% self funded.

Our investigations are 100% free of charge.

Investigation Process

Email us - Email us is your first step in getting resolution and peace of mind.

Interview - ParaVizionz Paranormal will speak to you in person or over the phone to get the details of the location and disturbance then determine a course of action for your situation.

Research - ParaVizionz Paranormal will gather all pertinent historical data and the geographical make up of the property.

Investigation - ParaVizionz Paranormal will then come to the location at a scheduled time and date. Investigations are normally conducted from the hours 9pm to 4am. Accommodations will be made if you require a time other than this. We are here to service you.

Review - On average, we require one week to review the video, audio and photographic evidence obtained during the investigation. This process could take longer based on the size and type of investigation conducted.

Reveal - ParaVizionz Paranormal will contact you and schedule a time to reveal the "findings" with you in person. You will be provided copies of any evidence obtained during your investigation. Reveals are based on the evidence gathered and are tailored to meet your needs.

Followup - Once the "findings" has been presented, ParaVizionz Paranormal will discuss, if any, a course of resolution. If non-paranormal causes are found to be the source of your disturbance, you will be provided a course of solutions. If it is determined that your situation is of the paranormal type, we will explain the type of haunting and guide you down the path that best suits your needs including cleansing of your property. In rare occasions, if a malevolent spirit is found, ParaVizionz will seek aid from individuals specializing in demonology and clergy to meet your needs.

ParaVizionz Paranormal will do everything we can to aid you in reclaiming your property. We are here to help and serve you. We are available 24 hours a day and are only a phone call away. We like to keep in touch with our clients and hope that you do the same.