Polen Farms

2-8-08, 6-21-08

2657 Main Street, Dayton Ohio 43653

Well lets start by saying the Polen farm use to be called White Oak Farm, it was built in 1854 by Joseph Bigger. General John Bigger was an astute commander in the Civil War. When he came home he was given a parcel of land. That is how his grandson was able to build the house. In 1940 it was sold to the Polen Family. Russell Polen actually built on it over the years, so they wouldn't let it go in the historical society due to that. It was sold to the city in the late 70's. Mr.Polen committed suicide in the closed porch and the Mrs. grieved herself to death. It was said that a gentlemen that worked for the city stayed there for a couple months. He was scared out of there by something or someone. Then it happened again recently. OPES and Paravizionz paranormal investigators are the first to investigate Polen Farms.

Dave, Lee, Brian, Don, and Susan

3-Sony night shot Camcorders, 4-digital cameras, 3-35 mm cameras, 3-digital voice recorders, 3-EMF detectors, 1-K2 meter

Personal Experiences:
The smell of cigar smoke in the master bedroom.


A really nice location, we recommend if you get the chance check it out for yourself.