Mabrey Residence

Date: Summer 2008

Location: Lebanon Ohio

Legend: This house was under eminent domain and has been destroyed March 2009. The property was once owned by President George Washington and John Glenn. It sits approx 100 yards from the Warren County airport runway. Owner reports loud banging on all 3 external doors between 1 and 3 am. They have had 3 and 4 hour periods of the land line phone ringing. When they answer it plays music from the 20's. They have seen a shadow in the stairwell to the 2nd floor. They hear music coming from the basement. Kitchen cabinets slam, front and back doors open, loud explosion like sound from under the house. The barn outside has footsteps, physical touching, smell of sulfur in yard next to the largest of three wells.

Team: Lee

Gear: 6-Sony night shot Camcorders, 1-Sony DVD cam, 6-digital cameras, 4-35 mm cameras, 6-digital voice recorders, 1-ION Generator, 6-EMF detectors, 2-K2 meters, dowsing rods

Personal Experiences: Forced emotional feelings on a few of us which caused crying and fleeing to the outside, Dave was on his cell phone with the owner when he was on his land line at the house and Dave heard a voice tell him to go...the owner didnt hear it, heard loud unexplained explosion under foundation around 3 am, Dave was on the 2nd floor and it shook everything, Rayne was on the 1st floor and it moved the wall she was leaning on as well as vibrating the floor, K2 activity in living room, was able to induce spirit knocking on command, disembodied voices in barn, heard footsteps in barn, caught poltergeist activity in kitchen on video. One group was sent over on an emergency call. They planted a soccer ball prop in the hallway on the 2nd floor. While speaking to the owner the ball came down the stairs in a slow motion fashion. It banked left at the landing nearly missing a guitar, then stopped to the side of the living room. Everyone in the house was in the livingroom at the time and saw the event. Rayne detected a women in a green dress outside, holding her back, her face was revealing extreme pain, she was standing over the 100ft well then told Rayne she was shot in the back and thrown into the well and left for dead. Three investigators were with her when she was receiving the message and they all smelled sulfur which we assumed was from the gunshot. It was the only time the sulfur smell was present. Rayne also detected kids playing outside by the large oak tree next to the house. They would not come close to the house fearing a dark entity that forbode them from leaving the tree.

Results: POLTERGEIST type activity possibly using the 11yr old daughter as a vessel - Case closed as eminent domain was enforced.3-20-09

Comments: Note: baseline EMF throughout house was null. Also Note that there were two sisterns, three wells and three ponds on the property. We were given the keys to this place because the emotional strain was too much for the owners and they moved. We had 90 days to continue this investigation until eminent domain was enforced. The only time we got ANY activity was when the owners and daughter were there. We were also trying to get the 100 foot well drained to see if human remains were at the bottom. Before we could do anything major the trucks moved in and we were not allowed on the property. No one wanted to hear our case There was undoubtedly a strong paranormal presence there. We have been in touch with the gentleman since he left and he and his family are doing just fine.