The Golden Lamb


27 S Broadway St. Lebanon, OH 45036

Lunar Cycle:
Full Moon, Solar X-Rays:Normal, Geomagnetic Fields:Quiet, Temp.:37 degrees, Conditions:sleet, Humidity:100 percent

The Golden Lamb was founded in 1803, which makes it two hundred years old! It's Ohio's oldest operational inn. Several famous, well known people have stayed at the Golden Lamb, including Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Daniel Webster, and Lord Stanly, who became one of England's Prime Ministers. The most famous ghost of the Golden Lamb is a little girl named Sarah. Sarah's was Isaac Stubbs' niece (he was the inn's manager). However, Sarah didn't die as a child, so some people think it's actually the ghost of a little girl named Eliza Clay (daughter of Henry Clay). Eliza died at the Golden Lamb in 1825 from a terrible fever. The ghostly activity occurs mainly in one specific room. She makes lots of noises and knocks things off walls and furniture. The other famous ghost who is believed to haunt the Golden Lamb is Charles R. Sherman, an Ohio Supreme Court Justice who died at the inn in 1829. According to Chris Woodyard in her book The Ghost Hunter's Guide to Haunted Ohio, the ghost is described as a "gaunt, gray man" who appears in the hallways. Several people have also smelled cigar smoke in this non smoking building which they think belongs to him.


5-Sony night shot Camcorders, 1-Canon mini dv, 2-Sony DVD camcorders, 6-digital cameras, 3-35 mm cameras, 5-digital voice recorders, 4-EMF detectors, 2-K2 meter, 3-RF detectors

Personal Experiences:
In the room we stayed in, 27, we heard laughing (in the room) when we were doing an evp session. We had emf, k2, rf and some toys and things to try to get some response. During that session we saw the k2 jump as well as small black shadows moving from the bathroom between two beds. The 4th floor room 1 made several of us sick to our stomachs.


The lights had to stay on except in the rooms. There was a person stationed at the front desk. There were three occupied rooms. Very hard to get quality EVP's because the doors are always open as it iss an active hotel 24x7. All of the floors are extremely creeky. All in all a great place to investigate and we'll be going back from time to time.


EVP - a strange high pitched "whoop" sound.

EVP - an older woman says "hellooooo".