Dayton Victoria Theatre

We've presented our interpretation of these voices and suggest you listen and make your own decisions about whats being said. Feel free to contact us about procedures, techniques, equipment or ideas about what we have captured here.


EVP's captured in MAC Building

Evp's captured in the Theatre and Metropolitan Arts Center

EVP - "no with jennifer"

EVP - "here she comes"

EVP - "here she goes...get back"

EVP - "he's fine you monster"

EVP - Lee says hi Deb then a spirit says "hi deb"

EVP - "what do you want, Jim"

EVP - "mommy"

EVP's captured in the Theater

4th floor Dance Studio

Ghostbox - "David, I didnt want you to..."

Ghostbox - "Dayton"

Ghostbox - "evil.....fuckem"

Ghostbox - "Hi Dave...Hi David.....I followed you.....hear me? David.."

Ghostbox - "Hey....Dave....Rebecca...POSER"

Ghostbox - "weak Dave"

Ghostbox - "yes....there shouldnt be.."

Josephine Schwarz "Miss Jo" co-founded the Dayton Ballet with her sister Hermene in 1937. Miss Jo studied in Chicago, New York and Europe; performed in New York; and was a notable choreographer, with almost 80 works to her credit. The dancers she taught in Dayton went on to companies such as the New York City Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet, or became artistic directors or mentors to young dancers. Sadly, Miss Jo passed away in 2004. The evp's you're about to hear are Dave and Miss Jo....and her husband.

Ghostbox - ""

Ghostbox - "looking for me"

Ghostbox - "yes......yes"

Ghostbox - ""

Ghostbox - "Schwarz...yes...Bill Schwarz.....Bill unknown Schwarz"

Ghostbox - "Bill....Bartholomew....Schwarz".

EVP - " husband was working on Evansville"


Ghostbox - "David, thanks for helping us out"

Ghostbox - "devil, wrong...unknown...the devil"

Ghostbox - "hey David I cant Russell"

Ghostbox - Abigail - "Hey David....I love you.....I love you"

Ghostbox - "I dont speak"

Ghostbox - "no"

Ghostbox - "doofus"

Ghostbox - "mom there are people right?.....yes"

Ghostbox - "pass it over now the color book"

Ghostbox - "Yeah......he'll eat ya"


Noise - door slamming

Ghostbox - "never"

Ghostbox - "get back dude"

EVP - "it's not like"

EVP - "enough"

EVP - "ya welcome"

Box seats - muppet box

Ghostbox - "David Jones and Michael"

Ghostbox - "David"

Ghostbox - "eleven, but I'm just trying to be funny"

Ghostbox - Dave speaks in German "whats your name?" response "Michael"

Ghostbox - "hey Michael...fuck it you can have it"

Ghostbox - "Hello....Rick....Hello Rick"

Ghostbox - "I'm Mike....." unknown..

Ghostbox - "Hi David....David"

Ghostbox - "need help.....Thomas" notice the english accent

Ghostbox - "Ojibwa" an Indian tribe in Ohio

Ghostbox - "the Devil David"


EVP - "get outta here now"

EVP - "oh my god"

Ghostbox - "Doris.....Alice"

Ghostbox - "move over....unknown.....move over"

mac - metropolitan arts center

Ghostbox - "David"

Ghostbox - "Eric?"

Ghostbox - "evil"

Ghostbox - "evil"

Ghostbox - "yes"

Ghostbox - "no evil"

Ghostbox - "Todd"

Ghostbox - "Abby....unknown....more evil"

Ghostbox - "big girl"

Ghostbox - "do what"

Ghostbox - "everyone"

Ghostbox - "he wasnt.....David"

Ghostbox - "I'm ugly"

Ghostbox - "nigga......nigga"

Ghostbox - "nope........dares"

Ghostbox - "yeah"