Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel Video:


Estes Park, Colorado

Lunar Cycle:
Super Moon, Solar X-Rays:Normal, Geomagnetic Fields:Quiet, Temp.:55 degrees, Conditions:Clear No Precipitation, Humidity:47 percent

Will get back with you!.

Lee, Patti, Patrick and Jim

1-Sony night shot Camcorder, 1-digital camera, 5-digital voice recorders, 2 MEL8704 EMF detectors, 3 K2 meters, 2 Full Spectrum Cameras, Trigger Objects, Proximity Sensor, Trifield Meter & 3-EM PUMPS...

Personal Experiences:
We heard disembodied voices. After 45 minutes of recording video we captured a Trigger object fall down on chair. A few of us got touched out of the ordinary. We captured some really cool EVP's..


The Stanley Hotel has its own GHOST TOURS every hour for your convenience. Results can & will always vary!! This is what we have captured during our visit...

We strongly believe there is ACTIVITY going on at the Stanley Hotel. After dinner we decided to investigate our room 1302 and this is what we captured.

The below EVP's are 99% raw from the recorder. We presented our interpretation of these voices and suggest you listen and make your own decisions about whats being said. Feel free to contact us about procedures, techniques, equipment or ideas about what we have captured here.


EVP - voice says "I See The Light".

EVP - voice says "Maybe".

EVP - voice says "No".

EVP - voice says "Patrick Twice".

EVP - voice says "Hi" .

EVP - voice says "The Map".

EVP - voice appears to say "Invested His".

EVP - voice inhales and appears to say "what was that".

EVP - Sounds like a Gunshot .

EVP - voice says "I Love You Get In Here" .

EVP - voice says "Come Help Us" .

EVP - Female voice says "I don't want to go outside", Male voice says " Come on Close".

EVP - voice says profoundly "Get Out" .